About Us

MasmaSpace is Nigerian content aggregator that can be considered as a gateway to all Latest Headlines, Breaking News, Top Stories and Entertainment News in Nigeria.
Our purpose is to give you access to all top stories around the country and we achieved this by aggregate the headlines of the latest stories from the Nigerian news sites and blogs.
You can refer MasmaSpace as “Online News Vendor” Our Aim is to boost your online reading by displaying latest headlines from sources that you are already familiar with and also link you to news source site.

Frequent Ask Question:

  • Question. How does MasmaSpace site work?
    Answer.    We make use of RSS Feed to import the stories of the top newspaper sites and blogs  and display the headlines of the four most recent stories . To read the full story, click on its title and it will take you to original source of the story.
  • Question. How often do you update the feeds?
    Answer.    Averagely  once in every 2hours.
  • Question. How do I suggest a website?
    Answer.    Use our  Suggestion Form and provide us with information about the site both site url and feed url.
  • Question. How will I advertise on  MasmaSpace site?
    Answer.    Go to our Advertising Page to get in touch with us.